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Kaitlyn Dudley Curtin

Teaching - Writing - Speaking 

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Kaitlyn writes and teaches about topics in theology and education. She draws on her career as an educator (middle school, high school, college, virtual, homeschool, tutoring); on her education (Master of Theological Studies, Master of Education, BA in Theology and Philosophy); and on her experience as a mother of five.

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Mentor for New Teachers

Teaching is a craft, but many schools neglect to treat it as one. As a result, many teachers struggle in their first five years, and far too many leave the profession for lack of support. Research confirms what common sense suggests: one-on-one coaching works! External mentors make it safe for teachers to be open about their weaknesses and goals. I can assist with strategies for efficient lesson planning, for improved assessment, and for productive parent communication. I am available on a semester, yearly, or summer-only basis.

K-12 Professional Development Leader

Sample 1-2 Hour Sessions:
“Grading Religion”
“Helping Students Find Grace in the Old Testament”
“Latin Class: Multum non Multa”

“Latin 1 - The Right Start”
“Primary Educators: How to Include Parents in the Classroom”

“The Classical Movement and the Best of Both Worlds”

Retreat & Conference Presenter, Specializing in the Doctors of the Church

Women's Conferences
High School Retreats
Parish Religious Education

Email to learn more.

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