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But Purgatory First!

“I hope when you die you go to heaven, but Purgatory first!!”

An Iconic Defense

On St. John Damascene, praxis, development of doctrine, and beauty.

Stuff on Toast

Why are memes about generational differences so easy to make?

Jerome of Stridon

“Practicing without a License: St. Jerome”

Curses & Other Prayers

“Make their camp desolate with none to dwell in their tents.” Psalm 69:26

Not Faith, Not Hope, Not Love

English fails us when it proposes the words faith, hope, and love to name the superpowers God bestows on His children in Baptism.

Weapons Check

PSA for the Uninitiated

Love in the Ruins

Catholics hold seemingly untenable views on human sexuality, but these beliefs map to a fundamental belief that God is our deepest desire.

Jonah: Divine Comedy?

The story of the prophet Jonah is poignantly beautiful. It is also hilarious!

Confronting Mercy

In January 2021, I had the honor of having an essay called “Confronting Mercy” published on a blog called “Joy in Truth.” It is a...

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