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Michaelmas Reading List

General strategy for celebrating a feast day:

-Get to Mass

-Donate to St. Vincent de Paul

-Engage in a devotion, e.g. the Chaplet of St. Michael

-Enjoy a special meal/dessert/latte

-Finally read, in solitude and in quiet, one of the myriad edifying articles I have tabbed on my phone! What luxury! A feast, indeed!

Of course, there is an embarrassment of riches when it comes to Catholic feast days, so one must curate and plan ahead.

This year, on September 29, I will celebrate God’s archangels on their joint feast day by reading something for each of them. (Unless, alas, the babies are at it again.)

— In honor of Michael, something to help in spiritual battles: the introduction to my pastor’s latest book, Beheading Hydra

— In honor of Gabriel, something to help me hear the Good News: “The Bible Isn’t Primarily a History Book” from the Church Life Journal

— In honor of Raphael, something to help me see God’s restorative work in the world: “Thomas Aquinas and the Healing Grace of Study”

Happy Michaelmas! May your day be blessed with the last blackberries of the season and the need for a light sweater in the gloaming.

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